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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Homemade Gifts #3: Spiced Nuts

My friend Tamara gave me the idea for AND sent me the recipe for these utterly delicious spiced nuts (recipe here).

I plan on serving them ( least what's left, I've already eaten my way through 1/4 of the batch) at my holiday get-together on Friday, and giving the rest to my staff in treat packages I'm going to put together for each of them.

Helpful hints: if you don't have the necessary spices sitting around the house, look for a place that sells bulk spices (grocery store, spice store, farmer's market).  It's usually MUCH cheaper to scoop out the amount you need from the bulk bin, as opposed to buying a whole jar of each spice at a premium price (a few cents as opposed to several dollars).  Also - bulk bins may be the place to get your nuts as well, unless the nuts in the baking aisle are on sale.  Make sure you compare prices (price per unit is usually in fine print on the price label affixed to the shelf).


  1. How did I miss postings for gifts #1 and #2?

    I'm trying to think of a mature way to say that I can't wait to eat these nuts, but it's just not gonna happen....

  2. I've eaten so many Leigh, it's ridiculous

  3. Im so jealous of your cooking skills! I need to live next to you so I can eat all your food!

  4. @ Ria - Please do! The unit across the hall from me is for sale :)