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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My current (fashiony) obsessions

1.    The striped boat neck tee (I can never have too many)
2.    The messy bun (maybe I was inspired by The Black Swan?)
3.    My new straightening iron that pulls double duty as a
       curling iron (tutorial at I am Style-ish)
4.    Big silver hoops
5.    Nars lipstick in "Red Lizard" (I finally found my perfect red)


  1. I was just thinking of doing a post on buns! :D I like that messy bun...and I like the top bun as well! :D

  2. I don't think I've ever seen you wear your hair in a bun.

  3. @ Ria - I bet a messy bun would look great, since you now have lovely wavy hair. I had to curl mine (and pony tail it) to get it to stay.

    @ Leigh - I wore my hair in a bun two days in a row this week :) I just figured out how to use those perplexing bobby pins...

  4. How do you get our super straight hair into a bun Calina? Does yours not fall out of the bobby pins? Super hairspray? Do share oh lovely guru of fashion.

  5. I had to curl it first - but I did it really messily with my straightening iron, so it only took 3 minutes or so (I timed it).

    I also pony tailed it before bunning...there is no way hair like ours will stay up otherwise :)

  6. I love this compilation. That hair-do! I'm a curly girl, so I simply obsess about stuff like this!
    Kristina J.