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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HELP: den configuration

I love my husband - but sometimes he makes me nuts.

Case in point: one of his first purchases for our new cabin was a 55" tv (sigh).  Why we needed: (1) such a large tv, (2) a smart tv that will require an internet connection for full functionality, (3) cable in a home we're only going to be in 4 days a month - is a little beyond me.  Oh well, whatever makes him happy (right?).

The tv has caused a furniture configuration dilemma in the den.  My original plans (revolving around our camel leather love-seat) have been scrapped, and the outdoor chaises we used for our first movie night definitely are not a permanent solution.  A couple seating ideas:

(w/an ottoman?)

Do you have any ideas?  I'm really not in love with any that I've come up with.  Keep in mind: the room is pretty narrow, I don't want to spend a jillion dollars, and I'm not a huge recliner fan - but the right one could me sway me.  Feel free to send me links to any cool accent pieces (e.g. rugs, ottomans, etc) you come across as well.


  1. you should get a normal chair and ed should get one of those little couches that psychiatrist patients lie down on.

  2. Narrow rooms are so difficult! Lazy boy has some nice wingback recliner chairs...and i think they have a 2 for $799 sale right now...i don't know if that fits in your budget. I'm sure whateveryou decide it will be beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the advice Leigh and Ria!