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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trophy vs. Cupcake Royale

Yes, I'm a klutz.  I admit it.

On Thursday, I was so intent on not tripping while carrying a box of a dozen Trophy cupcakes (I was especially alert b/c of the Maureen cupcake smashing debacle of Sept 2009) that I not only tripped - I caught the heel of my shoe on my pant cuff and ripped it - and then 5 minutes later stepped in a hole - and then 2 minutes later tripped again.


I made Maureen so nervous she practically carried me the rest of the way to my office.

Well - just like in her incident, the cupcakes came out damaged but still delicious. (although - they were a bit less damaged than Maureen's, since she actually fell on top of a box of Cupcake Royale cupcakes).

Now here's the big question of this post (at least for the Seattlites): Trophy or Cupcake Royale?

Although I LOVE Cupcake Royale's coconut cupcake and they're readily available (you can get them at Metropolitan Market as well as their shops) - I really love the red velvet cupcakes at Trophy (yummy cream cheese frosting) as well as the variety of flavors (pb&j cupcake anyone?).

Therefore: it's Trophy for me!

Although...I will never turn my nose up at a cupcake, no matter where its from...just keep that in mind if you find yourself with one extra :)

The somewhat mangled Trophy cupcakes

Check out the Trophy Cupcake website @

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