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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Look ma' - a quilt!"

I tried to cut perfect quilt squares and then sew the squares together in perfect lines, I really did - but somehow they ended up being a little off.

Oh well - faced with the uneven edges of my patchwork quilt I decided to simply cut them straight and make my binding a little wider to make up for the lost inches.

After attaching the binding to my quilt front (instructions at cherry menlove), I measured and cut my quilt back (I found the 90" wide fabric at JoAnn)

I then made a quilt sandwich (quilt top, batting, back), smoothed out the wrinkles, and pinned the layers together.  I also pinned the binding to the quilt back.

I hit a bit of a wall after I made my quilt sandwich.  As is - I'll have to hand sew the binding on the back, but for some reason I feel like I could have machine sewn three sides, flipped it right-side out, and then only had to hand sew one side.

Is that possible?  Do any of the quilters out there have binding tips?

My lovely, almost finished quilt all folded up
(looks so quilty!)

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