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Monday, September 26, 2011

Step into the Zone

About a week ago, my sister and I decided to go on the Zone diet together.  She wants to lose the last of her baby weight, and I want to shed the 6lbs I gained thanks to my trip to Montana (What?!  Light beer doesn't have zero calories?!  I consumed about 400 - 500 extra calories a day, thanks to light beer and junk food, for almost 10 days).  We've successfully followed the Zone plan before, and kept the weight off for years, so it was easy to decide what diet plan to turn to.
The Zone diet is all about portion control and a balance of carbs to protein to fat - so basically any dish can be a "Zone" meal.  Case in point, the Fajita Turkey Burger pictured above (note: I took a pic of Ed's "non-Zone" burger).  1 burger + 1/2 pita + 1.5 Tbl guacamole + tomatoes/onions/lettuce = a 3 block Zone meal.  Yumm!  We're both eating 11 - 13 Zone blocks/day.
Christie and I have been texting each other pictures and/or descriptions of each of our meals and snacks.  Obsessive, I know, but it keeps us honest.

I have this bad habit of drinking my carbs at night instead of eating them (4 oz of wine or 1 oz of vodka = 1 Zone carb block).  I tell myself, "Come on Calina, you can have a cup of strawberries instead of that glass of wine!  Or 6 cups of lettuce!"

The wine always wins.  Nuts.

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