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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beautiful (Expensive) Things

Since I cut myself off from buying any new crafting supplies this month - I've been crafting a bit less - therefore there will be NO craft blog this weekend (I know you are ALL devasted ;) 

Although, I must admit I did fall off the wagon and bought some lovely purple fluorite drops and turquoise beads - so I should be busily making earrings some time this week (yay!).

I've also cut myself off from retail therapy, at least for the month of January, to give my bloated debit card a little time to recover from the holidays.  Its been tough.  I constantly dream and obsess over the beautiful items I want to purchase once Febraury rolls around and the self-imposed freeze is lifted.  I know it defeats the spending hiatus to just hold-off on making a purchase, but who knows - I may eventually see reason.

Booties from J.Crew

Classic Trench at Banana Republic

Pink cardi from Anthro

Stripe lace cardigan from Anthro

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