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Friday, January 22, 2010

Pasta w/Walnut Pesto

I know the words "healthy" and "pasta" are rarely, if ever, uttered in the same sentence, even though carbs are considered a little less evil than five years ago.*

But - no more!  I am here to herald a delicious, easy and quick to make, healthy walnut pesto pasta (yipee)!  Chock full of vitamin packed walnuts, arugula or watercress, basil, walnuts, and olive oil - this pasta recipe is hard not to love.

Also - the recipe is even healthier if you don't cheat, like I did, and actually use whole-wheat pasta (blech - I just couldn't do it - call me a purist).

Check the recipe out at:

* please note: I should have said SOME carbs are less evil - cupcakes will still happily adhere themselves to your ass and contribute to muffin top

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