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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black-Bean Tacos w/Lime & Sour Cream

Yesterday, for a change, I decided to cook dinner (gasp).  Ed almost fainted.

Yes - I suppose it does prove small miracles happen everyday.  Even more miraculously, the meal I made tasted DELICOUS!

Okay - I admit I cheated a little and made an old stand by I knew wouldn't fail me (and by "old" I mean a recipe from last year's Food and Wine...double-gasp). 

Also since I'm cheap, kinda' lazy, and watching my waistline, I stuck with a healthy, quick recipe that cost me under $7.00 in ingrediants.  (Luckily - we had most of the spices in our pantry and what we didn't (i.e. the cilantro sprigs) I omitted).

So - if you're in the mood for a couple (or 6) black-bean tacos garnished with lime and sour cream - check out the recipe at:

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