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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Have any of you caught TLC's newest show, Extreme Couponing?

When I was in LV I caught an episode with my sister and I was: (1) riveted ($10 for pallets of groceries, amazing!), (2) disgusted/saddened (all the hoarding, all the waste!), (3) inspired.

This past Sunday I tested out my feeble coupon skills.  I saved $6+ (woohoo!) on:

Athenos Hummuus, buy one get one free when you
"Like" them on Facebook

$2.00 off soy milk when you register and
take a brief survey on their site

$0.50 off sugar

I don't think I'll ever become an extreme couponer, it just takes too much time/effort, but it sure was nice to save a little $$$.

Hint: if you are going to search for and clip coupons online, set up a separate email account so your primary account isn't spammed.


  1. watch the show - then get back to me ;)

  2. this is funny. I had flashbacks to poor college days when my sister and I even had a little coupon "bag" where we would house all our little snippets from newspapers and magazines! I have to check out that show one of these days.