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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kale, Spinach and Pear Smoothie (Sterling Style)

It's been one of those uninspired weeks for me.  I haven't cooked, haven't crafted, haven't read (much), and the past two nights I parked it on the couch and watched movies (I recommend Coco Before Chanel).

However, I've still mustered up enough energy to make myself smoothies.  Last night I whipped up a tasty kale, spinach, and pear smoothie for dinner (found the recipe @ Sterling Style).  I may be "blah" but at least I feel healthy!


  1. This sounds right up Mike's alley. He's still going strong on the smoothies.

  2. what a weird coincidence. I made my first smoothie with kale today. Kale, frozen blueberries and cranberry juice.