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Monday, July 5, 2010

DD (yoga slang)

I went to my first yoga class at the Urban Yoga Spa last week, and I think I'm hooked.

Well - at least for the next two months (I took advantage of a new member deal: 2 months of unlimited yoga for $99.00).

I was a little (okay - a LOT) nervous that all the members would be mean yoga snobs, who would turn their noses up at my "I've only done yoga DVD's" shortcomings - but much  to my delight everyone was super friendly and not at all yoga-snobby.

Now that my ab muscles have healed - I think I'm ready for another yoga class.

I'm also ready to start accessorizing for my new hobby ;)



  1. yoga shoes? i'm pretty sure the monks don't need special shoes to do yoga in....

  2. :) I need them for walking to/from yoga

  3. hahaha...:) what girl does for fashion...WELL SAID! - maria