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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My friend Leigh introduced me to Groupon, and I've been happily addicted ever since.

The other day I pulled the trigger on a $50 Groupon to Ventana (which cost me $25.00), and yesterday (after I dragged myself home after hot yoga) Ed and I checked it out.

The food was marvelous, creative, and reasonably priced.  5 dishes (fried rosemary bread, house green salad, simply heirloom tomatoes, sashimi of alaskan king salmon, and hawaiian ono) and 3 drinks came out to $57.00, which meant I only had to pay $7.00 + tip (not counting the $25.00 I shelled out for the Groupon).

Not to shabby for a wonderful dinner.

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  1. hooray!
    Today's groupon is for the Baltic Room, fyi