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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going Rogue (Part 3?)

When I go rogue I usually get mixed results (see: Part 1, Part 2), but when the hubby goes rogue (and by rogue I mean "off recipe" or "no recipe" - gasp) his results are usually wonderful and delicious.

It's annoying to say the least.

Above and below are two of his rogue, no recipe, healthy creations.  "Singapore" seasoned trout with grilled veggies (above), and halibut with corn relish (below). 

Ed simply pan browned the fish in each dish, and then finished it off in the oven.


  1. Can I borrow your husband for a weekend? You know, just to cook and organize. :) Hehehe. j/k. -mel.

  2. how can u be married to your husband and not be morbidly obese ;) everytime i look at your posts i just want to eat! - maria