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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Elusive Search

My search for a tofu, turkey, or chicken "Chicago Style" hot dog (pic above) in Chicago was utterly fruitless.

I must admit, at one point I was so frustrated and hungry I declared if I couldn't have a hot dog no one could (meaning Ed).

At the airport this morning I finally relented, and the hubby got to indulge in a Chicago Style hot dog for breakfast.


But - I did manage to eat enough fried, processed, and high calorie food to (1) feel the need to head to hot yoga today even though we just got in at noon and (2) seriously consider a juice fast.

One of our overindulgent dinners, this one at Gibsons (Ed had the steak, of course)

 P.S.  I know Chicago has bigger issues to deal with (such as the violent crime rate), but once they have the big problems addressed I hope they tackle the use (to overuse) of styrofoam at fast food joints.  It felt strange and kinda' wrong drinking out of a styrofoam cups and eating off styrofoam plates.


  1. I used to get awesome veggie corn dogs at Pike Place Market somewhere. Have you ever tried those?

  2. Yep! They are delic!

    The sad thing is, you can totally find a veggie Chicago Style hot dog in Seattle...there's even a place like 2 blocks from my house (Shorty's)