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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicken Scarpariello

My bff, Lis, introduced me to the deliciously sweet/spicy peppadew, and I've been obsessed with the pickled peppers ever since.

Therefore, when my hubby saw peppadews featured in a Food & Wine recipe for Chicken Scarpariello, we knew we had to try it asap!

The verdict: even cooked, peppadews don't lose their wonderful spicy/sweet qualities.  Also - I had some of the chicken for dinner the next night, and I swear it tasted even better!



  1. what that the latest issue of food & wine? i'll have to check it out because we are always looking for a new chicken dinner.

  2. It was in the Oct issue. It's a pretty economical recipe since it calls for chicken thighs.

  3. it..the image makes me hungry so byebye Weight Loss Program for now