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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Wish List (Updated 12/3)

In honor of Cyber-Monday, and b/c my husband has been requesting it, here is my Christmas wish list.

(note: these are just suggestions/helpful hints DEAR...feel free to surprise me)

1.    Barbour Badminton Jacket (find it here, size 6 please)

Nothing says "Northwest" like a warm waxed cotton (therefore waterproof) jacket.  This one has the potential to last me a lifetime.

2.    Apple Gift Card (find it at the Apple Store in U.Village)

Ever since the new MacBook Air came out, I've been lusting over it.  Now all I need is a GC to help off-set the $949 price tag (that's if I get the 11').

pic courtesy of Apple

3.    Lululemon: Energize Pants & Vinyasa Legwarmers (find them here and here or at Pacific Place, 6 in the pants)

(any color but this one please)

4.    iPhone 4

3yrs ago my husband bought me the original iPhone.  I've been using, and loving it, ever since - but I think it may be time to replace my reliable dinosaur (or so my sister, Christie, tells me).

pic courtesy of Apple

5.   Warm Foot Coverings

My husband seems to think I've reached my lifetime boot limit, which makes me smile a bit whenever I look at his over flowing shoe/boot collection (he claims boots w/laces, cowboy boots, etc. do not count towards his boot count).

Lately, I've been wanting a short/tough pair a boots (ala the JCrew motorcycle boots pictured below...although you can never go wrong with the Frye motorcycles).  I threw in a warm/fuzzy pair of slippers and a pair of cozy snow boots into my Polyvore set, just to mix it up a little.

6.  Bling Bling (update)
Inspired by my friend Leigh's wish list (see it here), I decided to add a little "bling bling" to my wish list.  Wishes don't have to be practical, right?


34" sterling silver & diamond chain (find it here)

 Diamond 14k 3 stone necklace (find it here)

High (yes please!!)

36" diamond station necklace (find it here)

7.  Amazon Gift Card

I need to support my book reading/Kindle habit somehow.

8.   M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm (find it here)

Would also make an excellent Valentine's Day present (hint, hint), since I haven't quite figured out my camera yet.

9.  The Dark Horse

Do people actually get cars for Christmas, like in the commercials?  And - do they arrive on your doorstep completely paid for, or are you expected to pick up the payment (what kind of sucky gift is that?)?

I wouldn't mind waking up on Christmas Day with one of these puppies (see below) sitting outside my building, with a big bow on it.  I obviously need a tiny/fast car to ease my entry and exit into our garage (our big/burly car, one of my victims, can attest to that).  Oh - and it needs to be automatic, since I have enough trouble driving on the rare occasions I do (maybe 3-4 times a year?), and a manual may just put me over the edge (literally)

Of course, it'd also have to come with a parking spot.


  1. Skip the car and opt for a scooter. We can be scooter buds!

  2. Calina! A car! Really? With the curse? :)

  3. I's a gift that may kill me (or be destroyed in 1.5hrs) ;)