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Monday, June 7, 2010

Back From the Concrete Jungle

NYC is one of those cities I think is wonderful to visit (the magnificence! the history! the stimulation!), but I couldn't live there - mainly because: (1) I "heart" Seattle, (2) the never ending NYC crowds would eventually lead me right to a bottle of Xanax, (3) I only like heat/humidity when I'm on a beach in a bikini, (4) I'd go into debt ($17 cocktails! $4800 for rent! eek!).

But - if someone magically gifted me with an unlimited pass to NYC Broadway shows, I may reconsider my stance. 

I arrived to NYC clutching a ticket to the Wednesday matinee of Promises, Promises and a chatty seat mate convinced me I had to catch another show on my only other full day (Thursday) in the city.  Therefore, after a morning relaxing in the urban oasis know as Central Park - I stood in line (for an hour +) at the same day ticket booth (TKTS) for a ticket to A Little Night Music.

The Line

It was totally worth it!  I was 13 rows away from Angela Lansbury (and I got the ticket at a 40% discount)!  She was captivating. 

I also must say - Catherine Zeta Jones can really sell a song.

Yay Broadway!

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  1. I don't have much interest in visiting new york, but the broadway shows are an exception. they sound awesome!