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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pinxto Seattle - Restaurant Review

The photo above is a mirage. (keep reading...I'll eventually explain why)

If you've ever read my blog - you've heard of my former neighborhood pinxto joint, Txori (if you haven't check out this and this).  

Ever since it closed, Ed and I have been trying to find a replacement "go to" place.  
Tilikum Place Cafe is always an option, but its no longer easy to drop in on the weekend (which is a necessity for a "go to" place) since they've gotten pretty popular.  We checked out Bisato a week or so ago and the food was EXCELLENT (mmm...chilled pea and mint soup & "lasagna" w/morel mushrooms...yummm) - but a little bit pricey for a spur of the moment meal.
Well - this past weekend we finally decided to check out Pintxo, the restaurant that replaced Txori, and boy was I disappointed.

"Why" do you ask?

(1) It was incredibly smoky when we walked in, and not a "yumm, something smells good," smoky - it was a "grab the fire extinguisher, I think my lungs are turning black" smoky; (2) They were out of a Spanish tapas joint; (3) Their bread was really, really stale; (4) They were out of my first two wine picks (one of which was Cava, another staple at a Spanish joint); (5) By the time our waitress brought our drinks (keep in mind, we were probably 2 of 8 customers), I was so over it; (6) Even for a pinxto place...the portions are pretty small (don't be fooled by the photograph above); (7) Everything was a bit bland.

I don't think we'll ever go back.


  1. have you tried the cheap happy hour place that was in the news article i sent you? that's where i would try.....

  2. Not yet but its on my short list...