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Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Perplex me American Apparel

This is not a rant...since I'm really not that ticked off...

But I must say - I probably will never again shop at again.  Let me explain why.

American Apparel is one of those stores that scares me (a little).  It's a place where I know I don't belong.  Their target market is really hip & risque early twenty somethings, whereas I'm basically a yuppie without all arrogance and superficial trappings. 

But - I was perusing their website the other day and decided I HAD to have a couple lace t-shirts and quickly pulled the trigger.  Making the purchase online seemed so safe - so far removed from the judgemental stares of AA sales people.

Everything was going great.  I received my first order confirmation and it was perfect, but then I received the second and it looked a little odd.  Somehow my cream and black lace t-shirts morphed into two nude camis and a black lace t-shirt.  I thought, "Okay, it's probably still fine but I'll confirm with customer service."

Let's just say customer service told me what I wanted to hear ("everything is ok") and I received a black lace t-shirt and two nude camis, yet they charged me for my original order.

At that point I still wasn't too miffed, since I figured I could just pop over to my local AA and return the extra cami.  Then I checked out their return policy, and learned I can't return/exchange in store - I have to ship the items back.


At that point I was done.  I gave a nude cami to my step-daughter, and called it a day.


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