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Monday, October 4, 2010

Book Club

Looking for an excuse to meet up with friends once a month, on a week night (gasp), to gossip and drink wine? 

Start a book club!

My friend, Leigh, organized the book club I'm currently a member of, and so far it's been really fun (month #2, woohoo!).  We follow the basic  - laid back - book club model: (1) vote on a book, (2) read the book, (3) think of discussion points, and (4) then meet up, drink wine, snack, and talk about the book for 5 minutes.

The last book we read was So Cold the River by Michael Kortya (pictured above).  It was an easy, somewhat eerie read, with suspiciously attractive characters.  After agreeing that Michael Kortya probably wrote the book with a future film in mind, we spent the remainder of our 5 minute discussion time casting the movie. 

I can't wait until we meet up next month!

The yummy snacks the hostess, Mo, provided

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  1. wow, that makes our book club seem so awesome!