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Monday, October 25, 2010

Laura Hamje: travels.traverses

Last Thursday the hubby and I hit up Kuhlman in Belltown for the opening of Laura Hamje's show, travels.traverses (more details and photos on my PI blog here).

Below are a few pics from the event, including one of the painting I purchased :)

The scene at Kuhlman

The artist's homemade tamales and IPA

The artist mingling (in the gray skirt)

Painting I purchased (with the tree in the foreground)

Close up of the painting I purchased (Harbor Light)


  1. if i owned a shop, having local artist shows like this would be exactly what i'd want to do, too. how was the apricot ipa? sounds blech!

  2. It was actually good. Way better than any fruit/beer combo I've ever tried.

  3. Pretty painting :) So are you using your new camera for your blogs now? If you are - good job!

  4. Thanks!

    And - yep, I am. Still basically just doing the point and shoot thing on auto - but I'm trying to be more thoughtful about it.

    Can't wait for you to be in Seattle already!