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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Melrose Market

Yesterday, my friend Maureen and I checked out the Melrose Market (featuring independent food purveyors, restaurants, and bars) in Capitol Hill to do a little investigating (i.e. imbibing at happy hour) for a blog post I was crafting for Inside Belltown.

We'd both walked by the market a couple times, and had been too intimidated to venture inside - but we finally got up the courage to check it out.

I now have no idea why we were so intimidated by it's hipster-ish vibe.

The market is visually stunning (open floor plan, exposed brick, high lofted ceiling, reclaimed wood), the purveyors are friendly and helpful, and there's lots of little goodies to look at.

Oh - and Still had a great Happy Hour!

Pics below

Local cheese lovers at the Calf & Kid

A window looks into Sitka & Spruce's refrigerator

The pantry shelves at Sitka & Spruce

Bar Ferdinand

A vodka/cucumber/ginger-ale drink at Still

Mo posing for me at Still

1 comment:

  1. looks pretty hipster to me. although i spent today in central florida, a place beyond all hillbilly description. so lynnwood is looking pretty metro to me right now.
    i passed a restaurant called the "god cafe" today. really. and it was crowded inside. signs said the cheesecake was "heavenly".
    I miss seattle.