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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


On Friday night I arrived at Citizen fully intent on taking a few photos, with my snazzy new camera, of Citizen's utterly delicious/simple food - but I failed. 

After snapping a few "artsy" shots of my husband, the interior, and the table and drinking a 1/4 of a bottle of wine - the food arrived and I immediately started digging in.

It wasn't until afterwards that I remembered why I brought the camera in the first place.

So, although I wish I had pics of my husband's tasty Citizen Cheese Steak or my yummy Turkey/Raspberry Crepe, I don't.

Oh well - I'm not a complete failure since I have a couple grainy iPhone pics of a previous visit (I had the September sandwich special, my husband had a crepe) I can use supplement the new "artsy" shots.



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