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Thursday, October 28, 2010

One reason why I love my husband

About a month ago I was walking home from yoga in the rain and slipped on a grate.

I hit the darn thing so hard I had a perfect imprint of the grate bruised across my butt for a week.

I, of course, went on a rant about how the city of Seattle needs to have non-slip grates in Belltown, how an elderly lady may slip on the grate one day, how its a lawsuit waiting to happen...

My husband just laughed at me and said my clumsiness, which is well documented, is a personal problem.

That meanie!!  Ugh!

Well - when I got home from work a couple days later there was a surprise waiting for me.  Ed bought me a pair of rain boots.

I suppose I still love him after all.  

Oh - and he's not that mean.

If you're looking for rain boots, 3 suggestions (at 3 price points):





  1. have you worn these to work yet? i want to see them.

  2. yep...their soooo comfy and make me feel invincible in the rain!

  3. ooh rain boots...should i buy one for my trip there!!! know, i always look for an excuse to buy something :)

  4. You'd get a lot of good use out of them!