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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Lust List

Even though its been pretty chilly and gray in Seattle, I'm not yet ready to admit its time to break out the wool cardigans and tweed skirts (it's still August for goodness sakes!)

Luckily, all the lovely fall shoes and handbags that have come out recently look just as nice paired with bare legs, short skirts, and sleeveless tops as they will with fall clothing - so, in my mind, there's no harm in coming up with a fall handbag/accessory lust list (below - click the pic for details).


  1. your wish list is way out of price range for me! but i did follow your dsw info and ended up getting two pairs for the price of one after all the discounts i applied. it was very exciting.

  2. its basically out of my price range too...but i am turning thirty in september and i think i need to get myself a birthday present...probably the low heeled cole haan boots

  3. I like the Tory Birch messenger bag.

  4. It is nice...I just need to hold out for a 25% off promo...