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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dinner w/Lis

Once upon a time, circa 2006, Lis and I lived directly across the street from one another in QA and my sis and her brood lived one block away.

Now, Lis lives 13 or so miles away (which is a lot when you're a chicken and out of practice driver like myself) and the sis and her family live all the way in LV.

Sigh.  Sometimes I miss the olden' days.

On Tuesday after work I hopped on the 157 Express bus and 30 minutes later I arrived in Lis' neighborhood (note: I LOVE Seattle's public transportation, it really is excellent).

Awaiting me was the lovely dinner pictured above, Pasta Pesto and Scallops (she modified the recipe found at the link) and Greek Salad.

Everything was excellent and seconds-worthy!  And the Greek salad made me reminisce about sitting harbor-side in Hydra, Greece w/my bff - eating salad and drinking Greek beer.

Our view in Hydra, Greece

Lis & I in our younger years (2006), Venice, Italy

Sienna, Italy
Florence, Italy

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