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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Cheating on You

Yes - I'm stepping out on you with another blog, with an entirely different set of readers.

I am now a contributor to the Inside Belltown neighborhood blog, on the Seattle PI's website.  There's currently one active contributor, David Nelson, but one other newbie and I have just been added to the mix - so I'm sure fun will ensue.

The Inside Belltown blog is Seattle focused, and I have a feeling no one there really cares about my every day life as a crafter, foodie, and online shopping addict, therefore I'm going to keep blogging away here as well.

I must admit - It's kinda' nice knowing I'll (hopefully) have readers other than my mom, sister, college friends, highschool friends, work friends (+ husband, thanks Mike!), and family.



  1. I'll read all your blogs! Start a few more!

  2. Thanks Leigh! I think if I started a few more I'd have to quit this whole "working" thing