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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Post That Never Was (Everybody Has to Rant Sometimes)

A couple months ago, my buddy Leigh and I jumped all over the Groupon for Herban Wellness in Kirkland ($10 for a class on making herbal bath products, right up our alley).

We signed up for the "Body Scrubs and Masks" class and made plans to have lunch and do a little antiquing afterwards (Leigh read about a cool Kirkland antique mall on Yelp).  It was going to be a perfect Saturday morning/afternoon, and it would have made a nice "crafty" blog post.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

First, I got stuck in the UW Husky football traffic on 520, (2) my joy at making my way through the Husky traffic was short lived when I got stuck in a triathlon reroute, (3) 30 agonizing minutes later, after slowly driving through a cone obstacle course, I made it to end of the reroute at which point a helpful volunteer told me there was no way to make it to Lake Street, where the class was, until after 1PM.  At that point I was already 30 minutes late for the class, and text messaged Leigh to tell her I couldn't make it.

Unfortunately, I also couldn't make it back over the 520 bridge until after 12:30PM, when the game started, so I had time to kill.

After spending an hour in a soulless land known as Bellevue Square - Leigh text messaged and we made plans to hit up the antique mall and have lunch.  I entered the address into the navigation system and was on my way.

To make a long story short, not only was the street the antique mall was on closed due to construction, the mall itself was out-of-business (thanks Yelp). 

After 30 minutes searching for parking we finally settled down for a nice Thai lunch, at which time (after spending a bit of time cursing Kirkland) Leigh let me know I didn't miss anything at the class - it was lecture based (not hands on) and basically a glorified sales pitch.  She did manage to filch me a couple handouts.

We said our goodbyes at her car and I asked for the handouts.  Leigh grabbed them from her car and walked to the front to hand them to me.  The door of her car closed, and for some reason - the automatic locks decided to engage.  We peered in at her purse, phone, and car keys on the seat.  It was the perfect ending to our day.

Needless to say - we aren't going back to Kirkland anytime soon (it's cursed).

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