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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Body Heat

Oh yes, once upon a time Kathleen Turner was HOT and not opposed to showing her breasts on film - especially if it served the purpose of furthering a story line about a femme fatale who convinces her lover (a small town lawyer) to off her rich yet inconvenient husband.  The movie, Body Heat, is set in humid/sweltering Florida.  There is a lot of sweating, fanning, taking of ice-cube baths in black bathtubs, and illicit sex.

It's the perfect movie to watch when your glued to the couch and somewhat delirious due to illness.

Another thing I noted about the movie, between coughs, is that the fashion (Kathleen Turner's) is pretty great.  A lot of tailored white clothing with splashes of scarlet.  It left me inspired.  The red skirt in the set below should arrive on my doorstep any day now....


  1. Love it!
    Maybe you can talk Ed into growing a William Hurt inspired mustache!

  2. Lol! He used to have one. It wasn't a good thing.

  3. LOL...i remember that "mustache" :) i love those louboutin shoes! i've been looking for a pair of nice camel/tan pumps! :)