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Friday, January 14, 2011

Yes - I AM a neurotic planner

The hubby and my Caribbean vacation is still about a month away - but I've already planned the heck out of it.

Yes, "My name is Calina and I'm a neurotic planner."  There - I said it.

I, much to my chagrin, am not a "fly by the seat of your pants" type of person.  I love to travel and I love adventure but only if its well planned out, otherwise it makes me irritable, anxious, and not fun to be around.

Sigh - I wish I was more exciting.

So far our trip looks like this:

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas:   Yacht/sailboat charter (4hrs)
Philipsburg, St. Maarten:   Take a taxi to Orient Beach (20 min ride)
St. Johns, Antigua:   Hired driver (Gordon) to take us to Valley Church Beach
Castries, St. Lucia:   Hired tour guide, will spend 1-2hrs at beach 
Bridgetown, Barbados:   Take taxi or walk to Carlisle Bay

Oh - and I've already started making my packing list (click on the set below for details):



  1. This must be a reason behind our friendship. I'm sure you recall my chart of rides and kid's heights I made for Universal Studios.
    Great minds think alike!

  2. Lol - yep, great minds think alike!

  3. I love every i wish i could pack as light as you when I travel!

  4. Thanks! When I originally made the set on polyvore there were more items (bikinis, bracelets, and what not) - but I guess they cut you off at 50 (oh well).

    And - it takes planning to pack light!!