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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging due to a lovely cold that caught a hold of me Christmas Eve (and lingered, and lingered, and lingered) - but I'm back, and almost healthy.

Last night Ed took pity on me (or maybe he's just tired of my coughing?) and whipped a batch of Thai Chicken and Rice Soup.  It must have been miracle soup b/c I slept through the night for the first time in a week.

If you decide to try out this recipe and like a bit of spice - try adding a Thai chili.  The soup also needs a bit of extra saltiness (soy sauce or sea salt) to kick it up a notch.


  1. Might I also recommend trying habenero hot sauce with your soup? :)
    Hey, have you tried the thai soup from the cafeteria here? I love it.

  2. Nope I haven't - I'll have to check it out
    P.S. Ed put the hot sauce in his soup!

  3. I was starting to miss your blogs! Welcome back and hope you're feeling better...I currently have the "bug" and have been sneezing away like there's no tomorrow.

  4. @ Ria - Thanks!
    Hope you feel better soon!