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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are pricey towels worth the $$$?

As I mentioned on my FB page yesterday, my husband has an eagle eye.  You can't hide anything from him (e.g. when the cat knocked over a vase and warped our hardwood, the gouge I made in the hallway wall, when I accidentally spray painted our balcony window, etc).

So - of course he was going to notice that I had been systematically emptying our linen closet of towels and packing them away for a 2nd life in our Montana cabin.  Which meant, I needed to replace them sooner rather than later.

Luckily, Macy's is having a 4th of July sale.  These were the contenders:

After much deliberation and a nudge from the sales associate, I ended up taking the plunge and going with the Hotel Collection towels.  They're super-soft, get great reviews, and the words "hotel collection" make them seem luxurious (darn clever marketing ploy).

However - dropping all that dough on towels made me question if pricey towels truly are worth the $$$.  What do you think?  Would the towels below be just as nice as the expensive ones?

Mainstay Essentials in Gray (Walmart)


  1. Definitely worth it. Like bedding, you shouldn't go cheap on towels. You skin will know the difference :)

  2. well, i love my charter club towels, even if they are shamefully $2 less than the hotel collection. although, that mercury color is really nice.
    i might have to check out the sale, too, seeing as how i have another bathroom to spiff up.

  3. I had a Ralph Lauren set that was my favorite. Used it for a good 10+ years, and it's still around, but now reserved for my dog.
    I do have a luxury bath towel from the Hotel Collection and I have to say, as plush and soft as it is, it's not quite as absorbent. But would agree that dropping a little more dough (if you are able to) on a good set of towels can be a good investment.