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Friday, June 17, 2011

Industrial Lighting

I'm not sure if you'd call the lighting pictured above "industrial" or "modern" or "rustic" - but whatever the style I know for certain it fits in with the theme I'm imagining for our new cabin.  It'll also be a great improvement over the fixtures that were there previously (before the place was gutted by the former owners).

1.  Fisherman Ceiling Fixture, $51.99 at
2.  Firefly Pendant Lamp, $199.00 at
3.  Calhoun Glass Pendant, $149.00 at  
4.  Bronze Pendant, $84.06 at

The "before" shots (I'll post "after" shots once the lights have been installed)


  1. where will you put your homemade bubble chandelier?!

  2. in one of the bedrooms...maybe the master!