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Sunday, June 5, 2011

DIY: easy chair reupholstery


I've been reading a lot of DIY blogs lately (such as Centsational Girl), which has inspired me to try my hand at thrifting and re-finishing/re-upholstering furniture.

I picked up the chair above at Value Village for $5.00.  I loved the look of the wood, but the retro 70's mustard velvet corduroy upholstery was a bit of a turn-off.
To reupholster the seat, I needed: fabric (I picked one from Dwell Studio at Jo-Ann, 50% off) , scissors, a screw driver, and a staple-gun.  

I unscrewed the seat from the chair, used it as a pattern to cut my fabric, and then tightly wrapped the new fabric around the seat - stapling as I went.  I saved the corners for last, and experimented with a few folding techniques until I got the look I wanted.

When I reattached the seat I also tightened the other bolts in the chair.


The chair is going to look fantastic in one of our guestrooms!  Next project: refinishing/painting an old nightstand ($10.00).

Note: I purchased new foam for the chair, but since the old fabric/foam was in good shape, I decided to just put the new fabric over the old.


  1. OMG! We are blogging at the same time!

    Nice work on the chair. I love the fabric. Birds rule!

  2. Things like this always give me an itch to try it myself, and then I can never find decent "before" furniture. :/ Love the new look!

  3. Thanks Trisha!
    I have a feeling the best place to look for "before" furniture is going to be thrift stores outside of the city. I found the chair and a night stand at the Value Village on Aurora (Lynnwood). Just painted the nightstand today and it looks fantastic - especially for a $10.00 item.

  4. I'm impressed with all your DIY projects. You have me wanting to go find old furniture and creating a masterpiece with it :) love!

  5. Thanks Ri - it's crazy addictive. I already picked up another night stand to re-finish!