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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gray, gold, and white bedroom

As I mentioned in a previous post (here), the hubby and I bought a vacation home - which means I now have 4 bedrooms to decorate (among other things).

I'm planning to paint one of the bedrooms gray - and a recent Ross purchase (photo below) inspired me to go with a gray, gold, and white theme (inspiration board/details above).

I don't want to spend a ton of money decorating a place that's not our primary residence - so I've been scouring our storage space, thrift, and discount stores for items.  My goal is to keep the decorating budget for this room below $200.00 (I must admit the art ate up 25% the budget, but I couldn't resist).

Other gray & gold inspiration (via Pinterest)


  1. Looks like so much fun! Wish i was there to help!!

  2. Decorating is super fun! I have done my living room in gray and my dining room as well but really want a gray and yellow room too! They just look so nice together.
    FYI the Hancock Fabric stores have some great yellow/gray/creme fabric right now for pillows or drapes! Good luck!

  3. Looks so good Calina!!! I'm inspired.