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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Art of Obsession

This morning, before my 7:30am dental appointment, I purchased approximately 3 lbs of soy wax, 10 wicks, 10 cannisters, three fragrances, and a couple of dye blocks.  Afterwards - I applauded myself for my restraint.  I could have purchased a LOT more.  In  fact, I probably reassigned $75 worth of stuff from my cart to my wishlist.  I'm winning the fight against my obsession.

Candle making here I come!!!

It was absolutely necessary to start the search for the perfect candle containers after work.  I picked up a couple of bowls and stoneware ramekens.  I can't wait for the candle supplies to come in.

When I got home there were a couple of strangers (window washers) gallivanting (working) on our balcony - so I took it as I sign I should abandon my workout (P90X - thanks Lis (I say sarcastically while having flashbacks to all the times I almost passed out doing the DVD)), turn my nose up at that paper I'm supposed to write, and make strawberries and cream cupcake soaps.  They smell soooo yummy.

Pics below....

If you dare - check out  Best site for the supplies needed for my various obsessions (soap, candle making...hey, you can make your own makeup).

- C

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