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Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm baaaaaack

I spent the end of last and the weekend in Spokane celebrating my BFF Lis’ wedding (congrats Lis and Bryan!!). Couple that with a visit from my sis and nephew (aka the “human hurricane”) who were in town for the wedding – and you’ll see why I’ve been out of crafting commission for a while.
Well – no more! I got a big box of supplies in (soy wax, fragrance oil, shea butter, coco butter and what not) and I’m ready to get busy!! On the menu – massage oil candles, soy candles, and more cute little soap squares. I also have the grands coming on Sunday for a little Christmas ornament painting fun and then the following weekend the g.daughters and I are making lip balm. Yay! I LOVE the holidays.
Ed’s back on the job as well and whipped up a lovely dinner of cod and white asparagus with a mustard sauce. Delicious and light…which is what we need after binging on snacks all weekend.

The human hurricane playing in the snow

Our yummy (and pale) dinner

The latest order (prepping for the grands)

LB-4 Lip Balm Base, 4 oz (volume) 1

FLAV12 Bubblegum Flavor Oil, Pre-sweetened (1 oz) 1

FLAV21 Watermelon Flavor Oil (1 oz) 1

grpLIPSAMP Lip-safe Colorants Sample Pack, 1 sampler pack 1

LIPBUT20 Slidey Lip Tins (10 tins) 2

LIPBUT07 Daisy Lip Butter Pots (12 daisies) 1

LE46 Chipotle Caramel Fragrance Oil (1 oz) 1

WAX07 Beeswax, White (1 lb) 1

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