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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!!

I have a LOT to say, so I'll try to organize my ramblings a bit
#1 I am a toffee making FAILURE
My initial excitement over my beautiful toffee was crushed when I came home to a gooey unset blob. After a little googling - I discovered I didn't let the melted ingredients get hot enough (who knew 300 degrees is the magic temp?). I reheated the mess and it came out a bit firmer, but not perfect.
Oh well – that’s what I get for assuming I can make candy for the first time in the 30 minutes between my shower and leaving the house to meet up with Lis downtown.

Don't let the pic fool you...the toffee is still a bit gooey

#2 Boka was DELIC (and they have half-price happy hour starting at 2:30PM!)

I had the crab cakes with pickled shallots, capers, and truffle fries. Maureen had the mussels in a tomato-wine sauce with sumac dusted fries. Afterwards we infiltrated the restroom in the lobby of the Hotel 1000, and used the lovely Molton Brown toiletries to our hearts’ content (Maureen was even venturing into scent blending). All-in-all…a productive Wednesday afternoon.

#3 Lis is a earring making genius

I thought I’d brag a little for her…don’t kill me Lis

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