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Monday, December 7, 2009

Caramels galore!

Ed's culinary creation tonight, Spicy Florida Rock Shrimp Risotto, sustained me for the 2 hrs I sat wrapping caramels in wax paper.  Per my request Ed whipped up the caramel yesterday.  Little did I know I'd get 90 (yes - 90) caramels out of the batch.  Let's just say if I have daily contact with you - you're probably getting a caramel.
Delicious Spicy Florida Rock Shrimp Risotto

Caramels before...

Caramels after...

In his ample spare time, Ed also whipped up a couple loaves of Tuscan wheat bread.  All I can say is - yummy.

p.s.  I tell him all husbands do such if you see him (for the love of god) please reinforce this notion

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