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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crafting with the

Instead of taking pics of the grandkids crafting soaps and pouring their perfect lipgloss into pots, I was busy cleaning up black oxide from the floor and scraping all of Alayah's lip gloss off the counter, putting it back in the bowl, and remelting it. 

Next time we do crafting - I'm definitely going to put a sheet down.  And maybe beforehand I'll clone myself or send Ed to crafting 101 - since there's just too little of me to go around.

All in all it was a super-fun experience and the kids had a great time (before crafting we ate pizza, watched "Up," and went ice skating at the Seattle Center).  The "after" crafting pics I took below:

Grass Stain Scented Basketball Soap
(made by Manny - Isaiah's is green and he made football soap as well)

Jhordin's Perfect Lipgloss
(w/violet and gold shimmer)

Alayah's Pink Gloss
(Watermelon flavored)

My Little Crafters
(On our way to ice-skating at the Seattle Center)

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