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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sometimes packaging is just as fun as crafting....

My (ok - Ed's) lovely packaged caramels

And I finally packaged the cupcake soaps

Yesterday Lis hooked me up with more ribbon from her supplier ($1.99 for 25 yards!  tons of colors.  the store she gets it from is somewhere in W. Seattle) so there's definitly more packaging in my future.

I'm currently cooking up a loaf of carrot cake soap - it turned out a bit peacher and sweeter smelling than I had hoped, but still looks super yummy.  I also tried my hand at another "man" soap.  This time I made a shimmery black tea soap.  I'll post pics once they're ready to be unmolded.

I must say, my new apron from Athro sure made soap making 10x more fun ;)  Even though I work, don't clean, and Ed won't let me cook - I feel so 50's house-wife-ish.


On sale for $19.99 right now. (you can't tell from the pic, but it has gold metallic thread and a handful of sequins).


  1. Girl, I need you to hook me up with some of your wonderfully packaged cupcake soaps! My sister would just LOVE them for Christmas!

  2. Kels - there's a couple packages with your name on them ;) I'll consider it free advertising (for what? I have no idea)

  3. love packing things up except for contact allergy that would need Anti Bacterial/Anti Biotic