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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Mysterious Body Butter

Why is it mysterious do you ask? (If you don't want to read ALL of my pointless raving, I strongly suggest you read the first paragraph and call it a day)

It's mysterious b/c the darn body butter has absolutly confounded me!?  As soon as I think I've begun to understand the enigma that is my body butter creation - it goes and does something improve in texture without reason or warning.  Sigh.  Ack.

Here's the story: a couple days ago I woke up and thought to myself, "I should make some body butter.  I probably have all the ingrediants - all I need is a recipe."  After much web surfing, I (thought) I stumbled upon the perfect ratio: 60% butters to 40% oil.  Okay.

I melted shea butter in the microwave and added almond oil, coconut oil, calendula extract (which is an anti-inflamatory good for sensitive skin), cornstarch, and fragrance.  I stuck the mixture into a water bath to cool, and ever so often blended it with my hand mixer (I was going for a whipped consistency).  Once I thought I achieved the proper consistency, I poured it into containers. 

Let's just say the next morning I woke up to a separated liquidy mess.

At that point I decided to add 1oz cocoa butter (which is super solid at room temp) and 1 oz beeswax to emulsify and thicken.  Everything went back in the microwave, then in the freezer, and I whipped and whipped and whipped.

While the butter's thickness improved - it's texture was a bit "off" (little, almost invisible, globules in it...which would melt once it touched skin).

Okay - after even more research I discovered if you don't heat your shea butter to 175 degrees for 20 minutes little crystals can form in it.  I made a mental note for next time and decided I'd have to use up all the yummy cake batter/orange scented slightly weird body butter myself, instead of forcing it upon everyone I know.  Totally do-able.

So - the past couple times I've popped open my body butter after a shower the texture has seemed a bit better - which I attributed to wishful longing on my part. 

Well, today I've decided I may not be hallucinating.  Damn you body butter!!  Just when I think we've come to an understanding.  I don't understand you!  Argh!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaa!

The Evil Cupcake Clementine Scented Body Butter


  1. i cheated and bought stuff at Lush today.

    Also, you and I need to think of ways to get our blog even more "out there". my new crazy goal is for both of us to become "blogs of note" on the blogger main page. i swoon thinking of it.

  2. Lol!! I love the "swooning"

    You cheater! I'll still give you a sample of my annoying body butter.

  3. would love to see your article one day on a prestigious Women's Health Magazine...