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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week in review

I swear, after this super massive post I promise to update at least a couple times a week (since I know it KILLS you when you don't know how the crafting is going ;).

I managed to cut and package my chipotle-caramel, cream cheese frosting soap.  They turned out great!

I had the grandkids (yes, I have step-grandkids) over for cookie decorating and ornament painting last Sunday.  It's our second year doing I think there's def. a tradition in the works

Isaiah, Jhordin, Manny, and Alayah w/their creations

Natalie (Ed's youngest @ 18 yrs) came over yesterday and we painted ornaments.  Hers always turn out super cute.

My reindeer and bird, Nat's cup of cocoa

Nat's pretty bird

My kissing mouse, Nat's mouse in a hot air balloon

Last bur not least, one day this past week Ed made a lovely buccatini with shitake mushrooms and brocolli in a wine sauce.  Yummy!

p.s. I sure wish I had some registered followers....sigh.....I can't believe my own sister, mother, and husband haven't registered!  OK - I will send the first 5 people who sign up to be followers of my blog the lovely chipotle-caramel (...) soap.  Just email your mailing address to

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