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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bloomingdale's friends and family time! (this week's non-food post)

There's isn't a Bloomingdales in my neck of the woods, but I sure love to lust over their clothes/shoes/accessories online (and look at all the pretty pictures, sigh).

I usually pull the trigger on a lust item whenever their friends & family deal rolls around (20% off through April 3rd, use code SPRINGFF online).  This time I bought:

Still lusting over:

P.S.  If you live near a Bloomingdales and want me to forward you the email with the 20% off bar-code for in store use, let me know!


  1. lots of red in those pics. are you still influenced by "body heat"?

  2. hmmm...maybe I am, b/c I didn't really like the color red until that movie

  3. Those vera wang flats are cute! Does it come in other colors?

  4. Yep - you can also get them in plain leather instead of patent