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Monday, March 21, 2011

Calina's kitchen: poured fondant icing

A minor kitchen accident (not shown: the floor, myself, the cat)

Things I learned while making white chocolate poured fondant (recipe & instructions here):

Weigh instead of measure (my second batch was way too thick because I measured the powdered sugar)

If your fondant is too thick, add water by the tablespoon-full to thin (my third batch was way to watery because I tossed in approx. an 1/8 c of water)

If your fondant is too thin, add a little powdered sugar and say a prayer to the patron saint of baking

Use a double boiler or a glass bowl over boiling water to keep the frosting at a workable consistency

Use a potholder, the glass bowl or pot is HOT (I have a burn to prove it)

Use a firm cake recipe (I used this one) and refrigerate to firm up the cake further, otherwise you'll have crumbs in your frosting

Make sure the cubes of cake are perfectly square, otherwise they won't frost evenly

Spoon the frosting over the cakes...spooning along the edges will cover the sides

A finger dipped in a little water and rubbed over imperfections can be a saving grace

Note:  white chocolate burns easily! (as I can attest from the disaster that was my first batch)

cakes waiting for a coating (I filled w/homemade jam)
finished product

I was a little discouraged by the whole experience, which spanned two days after I gave up in disgust on Saturday, and until this morning I was determined to just buy cupcakes for my bff's baby shower instead of making these stupid little cakes (which will need to be decorated even further for her party).

But then, I brought my sad little fondant covered cakes to a party this afternoon - and people LOVED them.

Sigh - maybe the 4th time will be the charm?


  1. awww...i would still eat them. As the saying goes, Don't judge a book by it's cover.

  2. I don't know if I'd hang in there, it looks like a LOT of work. Did you buy that last groupon for Trophy cupcakes?

  3. Although delicious looking, I agree with Leigh! That sounds like a ton of work! I don't want you to get pooped... this is suppose to be a party for you too! :D Let's do something easier like bought cupcakes.

  4. I wish I had bought that Groupon!

    And - it is a LOT of work :( Cupcakes are sounding better and better...

  5. Looks delicious! I'm not a cooking/baking fanatic but isn't it right that cooks/chefs keeps on experimenting on their recipes to make it perfect? Great tips, by the way. I never thought weighing and measuring could really make a big difference.

  6. Thanks Carol! I'm glad folks can learn from all my mistakes :)