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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Last month when I went on my shopping diet, I promised myself I'd organize/purge items in my closet.

Well - this past Saturday I finally mustered up enough motivation to do it.

Note:  On a whole my closet is in pretty good shape since I donate clothes regularly & can be a bit obsessive about matching hangers (but not in a Mommie Dearest sorta' way).

The "After" Pic

I organized clothes by type then color.  My billion striped t-shirts even got to be in their own, nicely folded pile.

I lifted a shelf near my shoe rack a few inches, and bought another row of clear plastic storage containers for my out of season shoes.

My Biggest Victory

Turning this pile....

 Into this...

I ended up purging two BIG bags of clothing from my closet, which included a couple blouses I felt emotionally attached to but unfortunately could no longer zip up.

There were also some Spring additions....

Yes - I purchased yet another striped t-shirt.



  1. I want to see the "before pic" :)

  2. I'm so inspired! Cal where did you get your sexy rounded toe pumps? I wear pointy toes to work but they hurt my feet :(

  3. Thanks!

    Pointy toe shoes KILL me (I have pretty wide feet). I think I have mainly Cole Haan and Franco Sarto heels for the Nike tech in Cole Haan shoes, and the flexible rubber soles of FS

  4. I am completely jealous of your closet! It looks fantastic after the re-organization. I am LOL'ing about owning many striped shirts. I think I have like 10 of them...they're so great for the weekend!

  5. Thanks roxy!

    Now every-time I bring a new striped item (be-it cardigan or shirt) home, my husband groans and says "I thought you were cutting yourself off!"