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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ah - the sweet life!

Since Ed is away on business for the night, Tasi (the cat) and I are living the bachelorette lifestyle.

This consists of: (1) forgoing my work out in favor of putting on pj's and watching Made of Honor (2) eating dinner, if you can call brie, crackers, and chicken sausage dinner, at 5:30PM (3) making a bowl of chocolate chips and pecans and unabashedly eating it while watching a show on celebrity plastic surgery (4) baking up a batch of cookies while watching Pride and Prejudice.

I made an incredibly modified version of the raspberry thumbprint recipe found here.  I used vanilla extract instead of almond, subsituted one cup wheat flour for one cup white, and used both the peach and raspberry jam I made last summer.  I've also made the executive decision only to drizzle the icing on a couple, since the cookie are awfully sweet.

The cookies are still cooling, but I was forced to eat one that mysteriously fell, therefore I can report they are delic!

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  1. Sweet evening! I love lazy nights, and I love Maid of Honor.