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Monday, March 8, 2010

Obsession (sigh)

I started writing with the intention of crafting a "weekend review" foodie type blog post, since Ed was hard at work in the kitchen this weekend, but I find my mind refuses to stray from my current, quite lovely, obsession.

I am lusting over a billion items at (well, a billion may be an exageration since there's probably less than 200 items on the site).

I want to live in Kate Spade's bright, expensive, shiny, happy world that I'm pretty sure only exists at the bottom of a bottle of Prozac.

Every five minutes I hold a mental debate with myself as to whether or not to finally pull the trigger on a pair of flats, or a coat, or a purse...but so far the logical side of me has won every time, b/c frankly I don't really need a $300.00 pair of shoes or a $500 coat....but I sure want them (sigh).

Here's the current lust list:

Bow Flat

Soda Fountain Strip Ivy Car Coat


Ocean City Jacquard Josie Dress

Connect Four Reina Dress

Kansas City Dolores


  1. I am totally feeling that polka dot dress on you....

  2. I agree...her stores are always so bright and happy and expensive...-maria

  3. I ended up buying the flats and the coat (found a 25% off promo code, yay!) - but returned the coat b/c it was too much of an a-line for me. Love the shoes though!