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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blogging About Blogs

Recently, I've developed a small addiction to cruising blogs. 

Not only does reading about other people's lives and looking at their pics satisfy the voyeur in me, but I've also been finding great recipes and style ideas.

Some of my favorite blogs right now are:

Sweet Tea in Seattle:

Effortless Anthropologie:

Smitten Kitchen:

The (chloe) conspiracy:

and of course my friend's blog:

There's also, a site I just discovered but it seems like other people have been on it FOREVER. 

On Polyvore, you can mine the world of internet shopping sites for clothing/acessories/shoes that you can put together into "sets."  You can also peruse the sets other folks have published, and thereby get a gazillion fashon ideas as well as the links to the sites to can buy practically every item from (dangerous).

Check out the "set" I put together for my airplane trip to/from St. Barts (anyone who knows me well knows I'm obsessive about preplanning vacation outfits, since I try to only pack what can fit in a carryon and therefore need to maximize each item of clothing).

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